About Us

Soft dB Northern Europe

Soft dB Northern Europe is the partner of Soft dB (in Canada) that is responsible for the northern half of Europe. Because of the difference of country characteristics we decided that an European based office needed to be formed. Soft dB Northern Europe has her office in the Netherlands.

Some background information.

STI Sound is the name of our acoustic consultancy company, founded in 1999, which advices on all acoustic management issues concerning office environments. In 2006 we started with providing the Soundmasking solution from Soft dB Canada. In the following years a lot of pioneering was done, which resulted in nice projects and good references. Not only in the Netherlands but also in cities like Paris, Brussels, Munchen and Oslo. Our projects range from (small) call centers at banks to one of our biggest projects Aegon, an insurance company, where we installed Soundmasking for their headquarters of 23000 m2 .

Since the start of 2012 we decided to provide the Soundmasking solution under the Soft dB Northern Europe name. Our role is to make the Smart Soundmasking system available for Northern Europe, where the Soundmasking solution is not very known. This has resulted in partners in Denmark (DANE Audio APS) and Germany (Auvitron) within the first two years as Soft dB Northern Europe.
Besides the solutions from Canada we also develop specific products based on our customer’s needs. An example is our remote control service system. Through this we can constantly monitor the Soundmasking system and guarantee an always optimal working system despite to the dynamic circumstances of an office.

We support the idea that every employee has the right to a comfortable acoustic environment in which he or she can work without lost of distraction, stress or concentration loss. By caring for the well being of the employees the company will also benefit through lower sick rates and increased productivity. A win-win situation!