The five W’s of Soundmasking

Here you will find everything you need and want to know about Soundmasking.
Soundmasking originated from the breeze of the ocean. When walking on the beach the sound of the ocean will prevent you from understanding what other people at the beach are saying. Of course we can control the sound level of Soundmasking.

Sound masking is a system existing of amplifiers, speakers and sensors. These systems are designed to produce low-level background noise with a particular spectrum that is not disturbing or irritating to workers. This sound mask is, nevertheless, loud enough to effectively blur conversations and reduce distracting noises. Sound masking systems are used in office environments to increase speech privacy and reduce audible distractions.
Soundmasking is needed when speech intelligibility problems occur. This can be in closed offices, board rooms, restaurants, waiting areas and of course the open plan offices.
Soundmasking makes a sound that is on a comfortable level, contains no information and has no direct point of origin. This means that the Soundmasking increases the background level without being a distraction. It also does not need any construction work.
We implement Soundmasking when we have established that Soundmasking is the right solution. We do this by visiting the site, do some measurements (STI) or make a simulation.
Only Soft dB or defined partners can distributed our soundmasking system. We do not just sell you the amplifier and speakers etc. we will deliver the whole project, install it and calibrate it. Because our system works with sensors it is important that the system is tuned correctly. Our aim is an acoustic comfortable working environment, to ensure this we only let certified personnel tune your system.