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A Soundmasking system

Sound masking systems are used in office environments to increase speech privacy and reduce audible distractions. These systems are designed to produce low-level background noise with a particular spectrum that is not disturbing or irritating to workers. This sound mask is, nevertheless, loud enough to effectively blur conversations and reduce distracting noises.


The CMS is a complete sound masking system that is simple, easy to use and very competitively priced.

The CMS has an integrated 25-watt amplifier which is able to supply up to 25 sound masking loudspeakers, either 8-ohm, 25-volt or 70-volt speakers.

The system can generate a suitable masking spectrum in almost any office, health care facility, call center, etc. The broad range of adjustments allows the use of the CMS with either regular plenum loudspeakers or surface-mounted loudspeakers in areas with drywall ceiling.


  • Integrated system: Digital sound generator, tone controls, amplifier
  • Very easy to use: Volume, Bass and Treble control buttons allow quick adjustment of the masking sound
  • Integrated one-channel 25-watt amplifier compatible with 8-ohm, 25-volt and 70-volt loudspeakers.
  • Non-periodic digital noise generator
  • Can power up to 25 speakers (up to 560 m² – 6,000 sq. ft.)
  • Plenum speakers or surface-mount speakers can be used
  • Very small size (WxHxD): 155 x 67 x 166 mm (6-1/8 x 2-5/8 x 6-1/2 in.)
  • Very low electrical consumption
  • Includes a UL and FCC certified 110-240VAC – 25 VDC external power supply


Soft dB’s SmartSMS-AMP is a DSP-based system that provides unique adjustment functions and ensures the generation of optimum sound masking regardless of the characteristics of a room.

Automatic Equalization Process: Automatically adjusts the masking spectrum for the specific architectural characteristics of a building. The adjustment is quick and precise.

Active Adjustment of the Masking Sound Level: Continuously measures the ambient noise and automatically adjusts the sound masking level accordingly. It maximizes the privacy in the targeted area while preserving occupants’ comfort.

The SMS-AMP is available in 1, 2, 4 or 8 channel versions and integrates the controller, noise generators, equalizers and 25-Volt amplifiers. It combines sound masking, music diffusion and paging systems all in one convenient rackmount package.


  • Fully adjustable output channels, e.g. 1/3 octave equalizers (± 0,1 dB adjustment).
  • Auxiliary inputs for music or paging, 1/3 octave band equalizer on each output.
  • Up to 8 SMS-AMP units can be networked through a USB if more than 8 channels are needed.
  • Inputs for active sound level sensors.
  • Programmable phase-in timer (up to 2 months).
  • Volume control knob allows easy volume adjustments.
  • The DSP processor is controlled from a PC connected through a USB port.
  • Includes a UL and FCC certified 110-240VAC – 25 VDC external power supply.
  • Optional internal clock for calendar function allows time-based automatic adjustments.